Make your dream machine runs like a dream

Razimoto is run by enthusiastic bikers. We cover all aspects of essential motorcycle services. The team at Razimoto are riders that are passionate about riding. We have decades of experience between us and can handle repairs for a variety of makes and models of motorcycles and scooters.

We know you are exited about your bike. However, many Two-Wheeler owners are not aware of the particulars of bike servicing and maintenance and may wonder what parts requires servicing and what parts requires replacement.

Remember, your motorcycle runs best when you have quality care and regular maintenance on it. Be sure you have gotten your maintance and bike inspections done before you get out on the road. Nothing like being stranded in the middle of nowhere because of something small that could have been fixed in a regular maintenance check by one of our top quality motorcycle technicians.

Razimoto's team, which consists of riders, shall let you into a secret. The secret to running up the big mileage is that there really isn't any secret: keep up with the maintenance, repair things that break in a timely manner, and chances are better than average that the motorcycle will age a lot more gracefully than its owner.


Superbikers‘ preferred partner on the road

It's a great comfort knowing that help is just a call away.

During your joy ride, the last thing you want to worry about is getting help when your bike breaks down. That‘s because you can have a trusted road partner in Bike Warrior that always arrives first to help.


Optimize the hell out of your ride

We know what kind of power your ride needs and how to go about getting that power

It is difficult to define performance, because everyone has their own opinion of what it means. You may just be looking for a little extra power and rumble to make your ride pop, while someone else may want to increase horsepower for faster runs. Drag racing requires major upgrades to get the performance desired. That kind of adjustment can affect your engine and cause you problems later on. The majority of riders do not require modifications that are quite so extensive, and want to keep their ride in the low to mid RPM range.

If you need help getting out the most of your ride, we're here to help!